The Brown Family

A couple of years ago, I had an amazingly epic photo shoot with this sweet family at Ft. Desoto beach. This year, we were trying to figure out how to top what we did last time. Well, I would say renting a beautiful gown and a fully restored vintage car definitely did the trick!

We met one evening in early April and spent that night just having so much fun posing them with the car, having them interact as a family, playing with the family dog, and watching a spectacular sunset. Early the next morning, mom woke up with very scary symptoms of a seizure and was rushed to the ER. They found out she was having a stroke and she received life saving brain surgery almost immediately. I didn’t find out about any of this until the next day, when her husband called to fill me in on what was going on. He said for a while he was really thinking he would be calling me to ask to use these images at her funeral.

I’m so happy to share that mom was home within a week and is recovering remarkably well! She is still experiencing some vision issues and and it’ll take a time for her brain to completely heal, but she has been released from all therapies and is home resting with her family.

This story, and all the what-ifs that go along with it, makes me really reflect on the nature of what I do.

Is good photography expensive? Yes.

It is worth every penny? Also yes.

Should moms and dads include themselves in the family photos? Absolutely yes.

Don’t wait until you’ve lost 20 lbs. Don’t sit out because you’re not “photogenic”. Don’t put off getting pictures taken, or just being IN pictures because it’s not convenient, not economical, or not a priority. Make it a priority! I lost my dad to cancer 10 years ago in October. What’s one of the TOP things that brings me comfort, happy memories, and that I wish I had more of? Pictures of him and with him.

D – I am SOOOO happy that you are ok! And thank you for choosing me to capture these memories of your family.

Hug your loved ones closer today – tell them you love them – and schedule that photo shoot!


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