So….in the beginning years of my business, I was a faithful blogger. Mainly because there was no social media. My blog was my only way to share current sessions with my clients! As Facebook, and then Instagram, has grown, and more and more people are on those platforms on a regular basis, I posted there more and more, and on this blog less and less. I’ve tried reviving it a couple of times over the past few years, with no success. I’ve done a lot of revamping of my pricing, workflows, and websites this past summer. I had the thought that I REALLY need to bring back my blog! And then today, Facebook and Instagram are down. This just hit home how much I need to not really so heavily on only social media to share my work and what’s going on with BCP.

With all that said – here’s my crossing my fingers that I can make new habits and keep sharing here going forward! And to start, here’s a beautiful family that met me for a sunrise session this past weekend. They will be building their dreamhome over the coming year and had the amazing idea to get pictures done on their lot before construction begins. They are such a gorgeous family to begin with. Then add to that mom’s very well put together outfit choices, and a breathtaking sunrise, and this is what we ended up with. Hope you enjoy!

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