I made it back on Monday from Indiana.  I was actually supposed to come back Sunday night, but there was zero visibility in Cincinnati due to fog, and South Bend had freezing rain all day, so the runway became too slick.  Instead of waiting five hours at the airport for them to eventually cancel my flight, I rebooked for a flight on Monday and went back to my sister’s apt for another night of relaxing and sleeping in the next day.  I have the best husband in the world – not only did he take care of our little girl by himself for almost 5 days, but he put up a lot of our Christmas decorations for me while I was gone (something I had not had time to do yet). 

I have one more order to finish up tomorrow and I’ll be done with everything needed in time for Christmas.  Thank you all for your patience!  It’s been a great year and an amazing holiday season.   I am definitely ready for a vacation!   Hopefully next week I’ll have time to catch up on some blogging of all the sessions that have been keeping me busy the last few weeks.  But in the meantime I thought I’d share a few favorites from my trip…

My sister works for Notre Dame.  They have a beautiful campus that I’ve seen once before in the summertime.  I was so excited about all the snow on the ground.  I spent a morning walking around taking in all the white.  This is the most snow I’ve seen in my adult life. 

The "Golden Dome" 


I loved all the snow covered benches.  You don’t see this in Florida – ever!


My jeans were soaking wet by the end of the morning.  I loved the way the snow felt crunching under my feet.


Look at this fat red squirrel!  He posed so perfectly for me.


A self portrait to prove I was in the snow.  Man it was cold!


A quaint little scene on the way home from work.


Kathy and myself – We spent a day in Chicago enjoying the holiday spirit.  Beyond the trees is Lake Michigan (I think!).  It was soooo cold that day, it snowed a couple of times.  I thought my fingers were going to fall off from taking them out of my gloves to take pictures! 


Ice skating at Millennium Park.  We chickened out, but had fun watching and listening to the Christmas music.


I spend Friday working on client images while Kathy was working.  I took this to show off the peaceful view out her balcony window.   (A frozen lake covered in snow).


It was the perfect weekend – I got a lot of work done, got to sleep in twice, and saw lots of snow!  Now it’s back to 83 degree weather and late nights this week.  I’m looking forward to next week when I can spend time with my family, start my Christmas shopping, and get ready for my out of town family to arrive.  Happy Holidays everyone!


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