In 20 minutes I’m leaving for the airport to visit my sister in Indiana (where it is currenlty snowing!).  I turned 30 this week and decided I’d take a trip – by myself – as a birthday treat this year.  I don’t know how wise it was to book it for this particular weekend given the amount of work I have to do for everyone’s Christmas orders.  I had no idea how busy I would be this year.  It is amazing, and I am so thankful!  I think I’ve doubled the number of bookings I had this time last year.  So thanks everybody!   My laptop is loaded with everyone’s images and I will be working hard to get as much done as I can at the airport(s) tonight and tomorrow while my sister is at work.  I should be more productive this way than I would be at home with a little girl requiring all my attention.   So I guess the timing of this trip may actually work in my favor! 🙂

Before I go I wanted to share another sampling of family pictures I’ve done for Christmas cards this year.  (Names have been removed from the cards I designed, but you get the idea!) I plan to post more images from each of these shoots because they are all so good!  There are some mighty beautiful families and children in this town!  So enjoy, and I’ll be in touch when I get back next week….






This blue card design came from Pay It Forward Photography Resource – a blog dedicated to offering free downloads and other fun stuff to photographers.  I was so excited that it matched their outfits perfectly! 



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