Beach Mini Sessions

Back in September I offered beach mini sessions.  However, due stormy weather and some sick kiddos, we had to reschedule two of the families.  So in October we tried again.  I'm really glad we postponed.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous this October evening!  We had to work around probably 6 weddings that were lined up on the beach – and I'm not exaggerating! It was a very busy beach!  And the sand spurs were out to get us in full force that night too.  But despite the "hardships" that we had to endure – we got some amazing images and witnessed a beautiful sunset.  In all I would say it was a success. 

For inquiring minds…I definitely want to make beach sessions an annual thing.  I will offer them at a discount on a weekend of my choosing, but I will only do one session per evening next time.  It was crazy and stressful trying to go somewhere so far away and make sure we had enough time for both families.  I don't want to have to divide my attention that way.  If you're going to drive out there, I want you to hang out and play and enjoy your family – not feel rushed to "get the shot".  So if you're possibly interested in beach sessions next year, just shoot me an email and I'll put you on the priority list to notify when they are going to happen again.

Alright, enough of me talking…here are the two gorgeous families I photographed that evening….

You may not be able to tell, but this boy momma is pregnant with a baby girl. I am so excited for them!




I just love the way this family's outfits coordinated. Kudos to mom for putting it all together, it really turned out great.  (And by the way, that big pettiskirt is mine now if there are any young ladies out there that want to dress up!).










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