Brothers & Sisters

I just love photographing siblings when they are around the same ages and stages as my own two.  It's fun to watch the way they interact with each other – sometimes in a loving way, sometimes indifferent. I can't help but wonder what kind of relationship they will have as they grow older, especially when they are close in age as these two sets of siblings are.  

Conner and Jensen are adorable little boys. Jensen wasn't very interested in the whole picture taking process, but what else can you expect from a two year old?!  He did great – just long enough for us to get a couple of cute brother shots.  Conner, well, he just smiled for the entire time they were here. 




Anna Kate and Alex are beautiful inside and out.  Alex is the same age as my  Austin, so it was fun seeing the similarities and differences between them.  I had forgotten how much more delicate and gentle a little girl this age can be (compared to my bully of a boy).  I just love this family – so it was a fun day in the studio with them.



Don't you just love this sister shot? I pray they grow up to be the best of friends…



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