Lakeland Mini Sessions

In October we had our second annual Lakeland mini sessions at the Circle B Bar Reserve (LOVE that place by the way!).  I had 4 beautiful families meet me out there that afternoon.  I just love the diversity of the families, how beautiful and handsome everyone looked, and the stories they each have that just touch my life. 

First we had Emma & Kyla and their Mommy and Daddy.  Emma and Kyla were both adopted and are two of the most beautiful children, inside and out.  I have the privilege of being in small group with this family and have watched them go from longing for children, to the miracle of adopting Emma…and then Kyla.  Kyla is 1 day older than my Austin – but you can't tell because she is almost half his size it seems.  I just love this family…





Next we had Hannah and her baby sister Kaitlyn.  This is another dear family that we are in small group with.  Tonya and I were pregnant at the same time and Kaitlyn is about 6 months younger than Austin.  My daughter adores Hannah as well…they are both such beautiful little girls!  I think they all had a blast (especially Mom and Dad) laughing at my crazy husband.  He can be such a nut, but he gets some really great smiles from my clients. 🙂



I absolutely LOVE their interaction here!



You may remember Aaron and Renee from this post last year.  Last year when they came to me, the "BIG" event Renee wanted to capture was Aaron standing.  This year he was walking!! A true miracle and testimony to God's healing power and the true love of a devoted wife.




And finally little Aniston came to visit me again.  I photographed her newborn session almost 18 months ago.  Mommy and Daddy waited a long time for her, so that newborn session was a very special one for them and we got some beautiful images.  I was delighted to see what a cutie she had turned out to be (no doubt of course!).  We had a blast with this family and I think the images prove it.






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