Jordan & Emily – not your average school pictures!

One of my favorite clients called me up a couple months ago asking if I could take some "school" pictures of her oldest children.  Jordan is in JROTC and plays football, and his sister Emily is a cheerleader for his football team.   Mom wanted pics of them in their uniforms.  No problem!  Their little sister Libertee Ann had just done some pictures with one of my pettiskirts (also posted below), so Emily wanted a fun portrait wearing one of them as well.  The shirt she brought with the rhinestone skull was a perfect match with the skirt and the backdrop.  We had fun!  Poor Jordan, he probably didn't have quite as much fun…but it was a still a fun night.

I just can't get over how grown up Jordan has become…now in his first year of high school.




And here are gorgeous Emily's glam portraits  (I wish I had pictures like this from when I was 12!)…




These two are the big brother and sister of one of my most photographed little clients.  I realized as I was putting together this post that I never shared the latest images of Libertee Ann.  She also wore one of my pettiskirts, which is one of the reasons Emily wanted to as well!





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