CANVAS SALE!! Jan 15 – Jan 23

I finally ordered a large canvas of my family to hang in my home.  I ordered a 20×24 size and it arrived last week.  Can I just say….WOW!  I LOVE it!!  Sure, I have other canvases here in the studio, but they are on the wall with all the other large portraits I have on display.  To have one on display…on its own…in another part of my house…it's pretty impressive to look at.  So I was thinking about doing a post to try to encourage clients to treat themselves to a large canvas for their own home.  You can imagine my excitement then when I realized my canvas lab was having a sale for large wall canvases now through January 23rd!  So this is the perfect time to show you pictures of my own and encourage you all to take advantage of this sale.

Here's the scoop – all canvases 16×20 and larger are 40% off.  So, a 16×20 gallery wrap is only $125 (normally $210), and a 20×24 gallery wrap is only $160 (normally $270).  If you need an in-between size, just let me know.  We can do those too!  Now's the perfect time to get a large canvas of your favorite image from your family's holiday session.  Or, if you plan to have a session in the future, go ahead and purchase a canvas during this sale to be used at a later date. 

Here are some pictures of my new canvas.  I haven't decided yet where to hang it, so here are a couple of different options.  (If anyone wants to vote on their favorite location, I'd love some feedback!).






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