It is my honor to share the images and story of this sweet couple with you.  Aaron & Renee go to my church.  A year and a half ago, they were newlyweds going about their daily lives just like the rest of us.  Then one day that summer, Aaron was riding his motorcycle and got into a very bad accident with a truck.  He suffered severe trauma to his head.  He survived (praise God!) and has been fighting his way back to "normalcy" ever since.   Renee has been by his side every step of the way, encouraging him, assisting him, and being his support in more ways than most of us married folks will ever know.  The fact that he could leave the rehab facility and walk himself into my house for this photo shoot is truly a testimony of God's grace and strength in both of their lives.  My favorite image is the one of them standing together in each other's arms.  Their lives may never be the same as it was before, but I'm sure God has big plans for them in the future.  I've also posted their video slideshow.  The song I found for it is so perfect for their story, I just had to share.  Aaron & Renee, you are both an inspiration to me and to many. 






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