One of the things I love about my job is seeing my clients year after year as they grow their families, and their kids get bigger, and I marvel at how fast time flies by (is the year really almost over…again?).  But another thing I love just as much is meeting new clients each year.  This was my first time photographing this family…but hopefully it won't be the last.  We met at the first place I ever lived when I moved to Lakeland - Joseph Reynolds Hall at Florida Southern College.  This has become a favorite place for me to take clients.  The arcitecture is great and I just love visiting the campus as it holds so many memories for me. 

This is a family full of blond haired / blue eyed cuties!  The students on campus were having some kind of festival with an awesome live band, so it made it easy to have fun and dance and smile.  Oh…and the kids had fun and smiled too. 😉








Thanks M family!! 


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