I am not primarily a high school senior photographer.  But every year I get a handful of seniors that come to me for something a little bit better and more "them" than their contracted school portraits taken before the beginning of the school year.  This year has been all about the boys for me.  Each one of them has been a good sport about getting his pictures done…again. 🙂 You know how guys are – pictures are usually more for mom than for them.  But I tell a few dumb jokes and tease them about having to fill up my entire memory card before we can stop….and before you know it they give me a "real" smile and we're having a good time. 

Mike's mom had told me how the school required tux shot wasn't really "him".  She told me he was more comfortable in his cowboy hat while hunting and fishing.  So we went to a local park with a cool bridge and boardwalk.  Mike was such a gentleman and we really hit it off swapping hog hunting stories (he does the same kind of hog hunting my husband does – with dog and knife).  Oh, and the pictures turned out pretty good too (wink!).





Next up is Jared.  I used to go to church with this kid when he was still in middle school.   Being the oldest of 5, he was always such a good guy with a great personality.  That definitely hasn't changed!  I think mom was more nervous than he was about getting pictures done.  But they both did great and I have the pictures to prove it!






Thanks guys! It was a pleasure!


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