About a year and a half ago, our church merged with another existing church (from another denomination) to form a brand new church body called TBA Church (Trusting, Believing, & Acting Church).  Combining two different churches from two different backgrounds is pretty unique.  So is the fact that we now have 4 full time pastors that work as a team for our congregation.  Over the past 8 months I have had the priviledge of photographing all 4 families.  The D family was so much fun to work with.  Their oldest daughter is engaged and will be getting married later this year, so her fiance joined the fun.  And of course the little girls are adorable.  I had a blast walking around downtown with them a few weeks ago.  Thanks for all you do for our church Don and Rae Lynn! Love you guys!

Dodge-04 Dodge-07 







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