Cute collages….even cuter little girl

This summer I had my second Little Miracle plan member graduate.  Hopefully mama brings her back again in the future because she is such a cutie!  I have really enjoyed watching her grow and getting to know her mom and dad over the past year or so.   Here's my absolute favorite from her one year session:


We tried to do the "ONE" collage, but she's been walking for many months.  Trying to get her to sit still with the letters proved to be impossible.  So mom had the great idea of just putting the letters on the floor.  It really turned out cute!  They asked me to create a collage with the "ONE" images, so here's the end result:


Also as part of her 12 month session, we put together a baby bits collage.  Instead of using my traditional black/white design, they chose the newer/trendier option.  I LOVE how it turned out!


Thank you so much 'J' family!  You have a beautiful little girl!


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