I have LOTS to share going into the 2008 holiday season.  There will be more details soon, but for now here are the highlights….

– new PRICES go into effect starting Sept 1, 2008.  I already updated the website so you can look there for more details.  I will honor the 2007 prices for all sessions currently on my calendar.  Also, those of you that have already paid for your Little Miracles Collection are locked in at the 2007 prices for the remainder of your plan.

– new HOLIDAY CARDS this year!  I found some beautiful cards that I will be offering this year.  No more cheesy digital looking cards.  These will be press printed on standard semi-gloss or linen papers.  I'm in the process of creating a catalog of all the MANY choices and will share as soon as I can.

– new PRODUCTS available such as Christmas ornaments, proof albums, and calendars. 

– "free with purchase" INCENTIVES.  Proof books and DVD slideshows will soon be available as free add-on's for orders that reach certain dollar amounts.

I've been frantically trying to get all these new and exciting products and procedures in place for the holiday rush.  I will also be sending out an email to everyone on my list explaining everything in detail.  If you're not a current customer or you're not sure if you are on my email list and you'd like to receive this info, please email me at bcphoto04@yahoo.com


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