This next post is a little more dear to my heart than most.  This little girl belongs to a personal friend of mine from church.  I watched my dear friend go through several miscarriages before they decided to adopt a child from DCF.  They weren't sure what child God had for them…. boy or girl? baby or preteen? It wasn't really up to them.  I don't usually share the names of the kids I photograph, but Emma's name is too much a part of her story not to share it.  When mom was pregnant, they had picked out the name Emma.   Well, when they finally got the call from DCF that they would be given a child, they found out it was a little baby girl named Emma.  Talk about a sign of God's will and hand on the situation!  This little girl had a horrific first 3 months of life leaving her with some on-going health issues.  But you can't tell any of her history when you meet her and see her adorable, bubbly personality.  She was so easy to photograph this day.  She is truly a little miracle baby.









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