I’m back from my 3rd and final trip of the summer.  I’ve spent most of the day catching up on all the emails that came in while I was gone.  Thank you everyone for your patience!  I should be back in the swing of things full force by tomorrow.  Until then, I wanted to share a few more favorites from sessions I have not had the chance to blog about in the past month. 

I’d like you to meet Danica, my final senior from the class of 2008.  We stayed mostly in the downtown area while she modeled her various outfits for me.   She is another gorgeous young lady…I had so much fun with both her and her mom.  Thank you both for everything!  I hope you enjoy what’s left of your summer!





The light we got at the end of the day was so yummy!!!


Danica is a dancer, so we finished up by going down to Lake Mirror for a few shots in her toe shoes.  If I recall correctly, the purple ones are the first pair she ever had.  She couldn’t really stand in them anymore, but she really wanted to include them for the sentimental value.



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