One more little one

Before I head to bed, I wanted to share a few of one more little guy.  I think newborns might be the hardest subjects to photograph.  This is especially true if I’m trying to get my favorite sleeping baby poses.  Right behind newborns, I’ve decided that 2 year olds are my next most trying subjects (speaking from my own personal experience with my daughter).  Well, this family had both!  We started off by taking the little guy outside to utilize the fading light of a beautiful evening on the back patio.  Then we set up the studio and went to work.  It took some soothing and rocking, a bottle, and a lot of in and out with the pacifier to get “calm baby” poses with the family.  Then it took some coaxing and a lot of strange/crazy noises and silliness from me to get “calm toddler” poses from big brother.  In the end we captured some great shots of the new expanded family.  And lucky for me, baby was so worn out, he fell sound asleep.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE sleeping newborns…you can pose them in all sorts of adorable ways.  Thanks D Family – I could not be happier with how these all turned out.  You have two beautiful boys!








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