This 6 month old beauty is the youngest member of one of my favorite families.  You may not recognize her at first, but you have definitely seen her and her sister many times on my website and marketing materials. 

I just love her smile – this is one of my overall favorites…


Do you remember these? 


Mom brought this green polka-dot ribbon to her maternity session.  It has since become a recurring theme at each of Izzy’s shoots.


In honor of the green polka-dot theme, I used a new template for her baby bits.  This template comes in green or pink.  I LOVE how it turned out!


And do you recognize this image?  It’s on the home page of my website and I currently have it on my new business cards.  I thought it went really well with my new logo.  This is Izzy’s big sister, Libertee Ann, when she was 6 months old.  Libertee Ann was also the first model to test out my “O-N-E” letters.


Well, this is Izzy’s version of the same image.  We changed it up a little so that they wouldn’t be identical.  These will be so cute hung together in their home.


And here’s the most recent image of Libertee Ann holding hands with her sister.  I just love these girls (and their mom).  Big sister turns 2 this month, so we’ll be doing her 2 year old portraits later this week.



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