Daylight Saving Time

I’ve had some clients wanting to schedule outdoor shoots towards the end of October, early November.  In trying to figure out what time of the evening would have the best light – I first needed to figure out when Daylight Saving Time ends.  I found this great link that told me what I needed to know.  This is the first year Daylight Saving Time ends a week later than usual.  The government is testing to see how much energy it’ll save us – for any inquiring minds out there.  And for anyone wondering why I keep typing Daylight Saving instead of Daylight Saving’s’ is because this website also informed me that the later is incorrect, even though it "flows more mellifluously off the tongue"  (their words not mine!). 

So….all that to say….up through November 3rd, the best time of evening for an outdoor shoot is between 5:30-6pm.   Starting November 4th, the best time will be between 4:30-5pm.  Hopefully this will help all the planners out there, as well as anyone seeking some useless trivia about proper spelling and grammar!


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