Precious Newborn

Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing a little 3 week old baby boy.   When mom called to schedule, we discussed the pros and cons of doing the shoot here in the studio vs. at her house.   I love both.  The hard part about the studio is that babies usually don’t sleep for me.  Being in a new place and the flashes going off all the time usually wake them up.  Sure enough…that’s what happened with this little guy.  He fell asleep when he first got here, so we quickly got him undressed and laid him down.  I literally got maybe 5 pictures before he woke up and stayed awake the rest of the time.   But oh how sweet those first 5 pictures are!  There is just something so precious about a sleeping baby – I am so excited to have captured it – if only briefly!  And the rest are just as great!

You can’t really tell by looking at him, but this little guy has been through a lot in his short life.  One week before we did this shoot he was in the hospital getting a blood transfusion.  I really admired mom’s attitude and faith that God is watching over her son and is in complete control of the situation.  She had so much love for this baby – as all moms do.  But for some reason, this was a just a very sweet time for me spent with this mom and her baby boy.  Thank you ‘A’ for choosing me – I am even more excited than usual about how these turned out.  Enjoy your sneak peak!






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  1. Beth,
    These are AMAZING! LOVE them! I’m glad you posted b/c I haven’t seen baby “C” yet. Just beautiful!!!!
    a reed

  2. Beth,
    He is my nephew and I cried when I saw the pictures. They are so beautiful. You captured him in such a wonderful way. I got to see the little guy come into this world, so he is extra special to me!
    D Rees

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