New ideas for Expressions Collage

One of the specialty items I offer is what I call an Expressions Collage.  This is a 4×10 collage mounted on white mount board and displayed with an easel.  Most of the time this is perfect for 4 different facial expressions of your child.   But tonight I was playing around with some of Sydney’s images and created something similar… only instead of facial expressions, the focus is on some of her favorite activities at this age.  Two of her favorite games right now are Peek-a-boo and 1-2-3-Jump!   She plays Peek-a-boo in her crib and her pack-n-play.  It’s full body Peek-a-boo, she completely ducks down below the railing and then pops back up with a squeal.  I was able to capture this at her photo shoot when she was playing with my husband behind a big stone block.  Normally each of these pictures alone wouldn’t be worth keeping, but put together – they will be a great reminder of this fun little activity. 


She is also really in to jumping right now.  Jumping off the ground, off small ledges, off her stool, off my back…it doesn’t really matter.  Again this collage will bring back a flood of memories for years to come.   


So keep this idea in mind when scheduling your child’s next shoot.  Around 18 months is the perfect age to get out of the studio and let your kid be who they really are.    Not only will we be able to capture a nice portrait, but hopefully we’ll get the chance to capture the candids that will be the true reminders of this time in their lives.


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