One of my favorite little boys

Last weekend I got to see one of my favorite little boys.  He’s a member of the Little Miracles Club, so this was my third shoot with him.  I love when I get to see how much and how quickly they change just in the first year!  And he is one of the easiest little guys to photograph – always smiling.   To give you a glimpse of how much he’s grown, here’s his newborn picture:


And here he is at 6 months:


And here are a few sneak peeks for mom from his 1 year session:

He has the most beautiful eyes!


And such a contagious smile!



And here is his 1 year collage – this is actually harder to get than you would think.  He’s only the second child to cooperate with me.  Most of the time they just throw down the letters and want nothing to do with it!


I’ll see you tomorrow Ms V! 


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