Sydney’s 18 month shoot

Ok – so these really ended up being her almost 19 month portraits. I mentioned before how nervous I was about doing this shoot. My daughter COMPLETELY ignores me when I have a camera in my hands. And she usually walks or runs the other direction when she sees me playing paparazzi. So I was not really looking forward to this, but really wanted to do it at the same time. It got postponed due to our house project, all of us being sick, me not being able to decide on an outfit for her, etc, etc. But – we did it – they turned out great – and I am very happy and relieved to have it done.

Some challenges for this shoot were the fact that she is still sick – so my husband had the "snot" rag nearby at all times, she got two bug bites on her face the day before (thank goodness for Photoshop!), and Lakeland was under a wind warning Sunday afternoon. There were 30mph wind gusts during this shoot. That’s why her hair is a little bit crazier than usual. Later this week I’ll post some outtakes – the wind made for some hilarious images. So, without further delay, here are a few of my favorites from the 254 images I took this weekend. 😉

Notice her chipped tooth – chipped in two places!


Love, love, love the brick in this one…


I want to remember her little toes…


Playing peek-a-boo with Daddy…


Gorgeous soft lighting…


Taking a dip at the end of a long afternoon…


Some fun collages and funny outtakes to be posted soon!


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