I am now 6 weeks away from my due date.  I'm still feeling pretty good, but as you can imagine, it's getting more and more difficult for me to work.  Most of what I do is take pictures of little babies and children, and I just can't get up and down off the ground very easily any more.  In fact, at a session I had on Saturday, I had to ask the dad to help me up.  He was so nice about it thank goodness! 

Because of this, and because of how much I still need to do to get ready for this baby's arrival, I will be going on light maternity leave starting in April.  I will stay on maternity leave through the month of July, with the exception of "must have" photo sessions.  Several of my clients have children hitting major milestones during these months, and I have already contacted them individually about scheduling their sessions once I'm functional again.  I will also consider taking on new clients that are pregnant or have newborns during that time.   For everyone else, I'll be scheduling sessions again in August – just in time for the beginning of the holiday rush believe it or not!

Thanks everyone!  Be on the look out in May for some newborn pics of our little Austin.  Hard to believe it's almost time for him to be here!

Here are some portraits my hubby did for me the other night. 





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