Meet the ‘J’ family

As promised – just a little late – here are the last two shoots I’ve done in the past month that I haven’t posted yet.   This house project is all consuming!  Anyway…meet the ‘J’ family.  This sweet lady works with my mother-in-law.  My MIL is actually one of this little guy’s god-mothers.  He was born just a few weeks after my Sydney.  But this was the first time I had the opportunity to meet him – as well as the rest of the family.   Little J wasn’t in the mood to give me a smile, but I love how these turned out anyway.  Isn’t this a classy family?  The girls’ dresses were gorgeous! 



And here’s an Expressions collage of little J.  No smiles, but still a handsome little fella.


You know, a lot of photographers these days are working sans studio – only natural or ambient lighting (either outdoors or with window light).  This is something I’ve been practicing more because I LOVE how it looks – especially for kids.  You can get some great stuff with a child in their own home, or outside at a park where they can play.   I have actually given brief thought to abandoning my studio and going al naturale.  But my mentor Joni Finkbeiner first taught me how to work with studio lights, and her work is so inspiring.  There is a lot of control when using studio lighting that allows me to really focus on the subject and not worry about my camera settings.  And I never know when I’ll have a client like this family looking for a beautiful formal family portrait.  So….I will proudly continue to offer both studio and natural venues to my clients – and will love the varying challenges and rewards that come with both!


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