One more…and a grown up this time!

Ok – one more post before I call it a night.  If you know the clients I’ve been posting about the past few days, you may have noticed I’m going down the list of sessions in alphabetical order (that’s the easiest way to do it since I’m so behind).  This next one is actually from this summer.  Gwen Diaz is an amazing woman of God.  She is a wife, mother of four grown boys (including Christian music artist Johnny Diaz), grandmother to I’m not sure how many grandchildren, author, speaker, and  Bible study leader.  I’ve had the privilege of being a part of her Mothers of Preschoolers Bible studies for many years now, and before that heard her speak on many occasions for women’s retreats and the like.   I’ve read several of her books…and to say she is amazing is really an understatement.  God has blessed her in so many ways.

Well, this summer she asked if I could do some new headshots for her.  I felt so honored that she would ask me as I think the world of her!  We played chicken with the rain that night, but we won!  I had so much fun spending the hour with her – using all my toddler tricks to get a good laugh and smile.  Yes, they work for adults too!  Here are just a few favorites:


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