9 months already!

Meet baby O – he is one of my Little Miracles Collection members (which just means I get to see him LOTS during his first year!).   He is also the 4th child of a very good friend of mine.  We’ve known each other since we were both newlyweds (before all these kiddos!).  I can’t believe her youngest is 9 months old already.  He stopped by my studio a few weeks ago with his three older siblings for a Christmas card shot.  I’m only going to share one…the rest are for the card. 🙂

I had a moment of pause during this part of the session….it really is amazing how fast time goes by once you become a parent.  #1 big sister was one of my first clients when I started by business…she was 2 I think.  Now she’s 10….and has 3 younger siblings! To my sweet friend…you have such a beautiful family and are so blessed!  I so admire the woman and mom you have become. (hugs!)

Ok, now for some more cuteness.  Little man did not disappoint! Take a looksie…