Just another rainy Sunday…

So for the locals reading this…do you remember that weekend in October when it rained non-stop for 3 days straight?  I had to reschedule several photo sessions that weekend because of the rain.  But the session for this family could not be rescheduled.  My client’s brother and his family were in town just for that weekend and were only available for a group session on that particular Sunday afternoon.  We had decided the night before that even if it was raining, we’d meet anyway!  Sure enough, it was raining. 🙂 So I set up some lighting in their sitting room and used their beautiful couch as a prop for everyone.  I LOVE how these turned out (given the circumstances!).  The kids were a lot of fun…and so were the adults.  Huge thanks to both of these families for having me over despite the bad weather!

Love the natural smiles here…I think I said something funny about one of the dads to get them to laugh…

Some fun posing…

This one just cracks me up….the little guy in the middle is such a ham!

What a good looking bunch!



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