The Belly Series…

Some of you may have seen this when I posted it on Facebook.  This is a new program I am offering for newly expecting mommies.  I’m calling it the Belly Series – although I am open for a cuter name.  Any ideas?  I’ll tell you what…I’ll give a $50 gift certificate to someone that can suggest a winning name.  Just leave a comment here or on facebook.  If I choose your name suggestion – you win $50 for your next photo session!

Ok – back to the collage.  I actually received a postcard of this type of collage years ago and have had it sitting on my desk this whole time.  I thought it was such an amazing creation, but was never quite sure how to pull it off logistically.  As luck would have it, the photographer who’s card I’ve been holding onto came and spoke to our local photography guild back in May.  His topic was maternity photography.  He went over step by step how to create a program that would allow me to create a collage like this for my client.  I was so excited that night!  I knew I could do it – I just needed a model.  A friend from church was expecting so I asked if she’d be willing to be my guinea pig.  I’m so glad she agreed!  What a beautiful model she was!  Here is the finished product:

Part of the package includes a full maternity session at around 7 months.  Here are a few favorites from the extended session:

If you are interested or know someone that just found out they are pregnant – please contact me for pricing information.  This package also includes a full newborn session.


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