Sneak Peak – Little Miss ‘D’

You may recognize this little darling from her 1 year session in November.  On Friday we met at Florida Southern College again (my new favorite place to go) for her 18 month session.  I'm in the process of proofing her images and came across this one.  This was taken in the Eleanor Searle Drawing Room.  After tweaking it a bit, it almost looks like an old-time oil painting.  The curtains, the chair, the dress, and her naturally rosy cheeks all add up to making this one of my favorite images of the night (from an artist's point of view).  There are cuter, more adorable, smiley images that I'll share later.  But this one  stood out and once again I just had to share.


M & T, I look forward to sharing the rest with you tomorrow night!


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