Just to give everyone a recap in case you’re just tuning in, I have a portrait studio in my home.  There are many reasons I’ve chosen to work out of my home including saving money on overhead expenses, and needing to stay close to home with my young daughter.  Pretty much, at this stage of my life and business, having a home studio is the best option.  My house is not the biggest house you’ve ever seen, but I have made the most of the space we have.  Since the beginning, I have used my dining room as my studio.  In the past this  meant that every time I had a shoot, we would stack up all the kitchen and dining room chairs and move our antique dining room table into the kitchen.   Last summer I decided that if I wasn’t going to rent or buy studio space elsewhere, and we weren’t going to move into a bigger house in the very near future, I needed to make some changes.  So we spent a little over a month painting, cleaning out, and renovating the dining room to turn it into a full-time studio space.  And I finally took pictures of it to share with everyone…..

First, this is what the room looks like when the "camera room" is not set up.  Friends and family have commented how different it is to see stranger’s pictures hanging on our walls. But it has helped my clients so much to be able to see and touch various size prints and mounting options.


This view shows where I sit with clients to go through their proofs and place their print orders…



The curtain hides our den/play room.  Anyone with kids knows how hard it is to keep that clean!


The studio with lights and backdrop set up for a session…




Please check out my family blog (link above) to see pictures of the kitchen and gorgeous guest bathroom. 


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