Sweet baby ‘M’ [Lakeland family and baby photography]

Wanted to share this adorable session from a couple of months ago.  This baby girl was one of the skinniest newborns you’ve ever seen.  But you never would have guessed that looking at her now!!  I couldn’t believe the rolls on this kid when I saw her for her 6 month session.  Loved them!!  We met downtown and were ready to go…well, her parents and I were ready to go.  She surprisingly was not in the mood for pictures that night.  She was unusually out of sorts (poor thing), but thanks to Daddy’s persistence, we came away with some really adorable images.   Here are a few favorites.



There was a big storm heading toward us during the entire session. We got sprinkled on several times and finally the heavens opened up at the very end.  Made for a really pretty sky though!


The following image show you what was really going on most of the session (tears!) vs. what I was able to capture in camera.


Can’t wait to see her again on her first birthday!!


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