The ‘W’ Family [Lakeland & Homeland family photography]

Wow. Where do I even start when describing this family?  Fun, funny, beautiful, loving, real, adoring, and yes, maybe a little bit crazy. In a good way of course!  I had not met these guys until the afternoon of the session.  But by the time we were done, they felt like old friends to me.   This was a family session of course, but also a little mini session of big sister and her BFF as well.  And you know how much I love photographing teenagers!  These girls could be models, so that was a lot of fun as well.   Brother drilled me with questions about my camera and what settings I was using, and mom and dad just had a blast goofing off with their kids, which shines through in these images.   Thank you ‘W’ family for welcoming me in and making me feel like one of you for the 2 hours we were together.  CAN’T WAIT to see these displayed in your home!!




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