Isaac [Lakeland newborn & children photography]

Be prepared for image overload in this next post!  A dear friend of mine called me a few weeks ago asking if she could give a newborn session as a gift to her sweet sister who has just welcomed a little boy into her family.   Yes!  The last time I had photographed this pretty mama […]

Arielle [Lakeland portrait photography]

A few months ago I was out exploring new parts of Polk County with my family.  We found this great new location that I just knew would be an amazing spot for a photo shoot.  I could immediately envision how the images would look and what kind of lighting I wanted to try.  It has […]

Emalyn [Lakeland baby & children photography]

One night this week I met up with a couple photographer friends to do some “for fun” shooting.  One of the girls brought her beautiful baby girl, just shy of 3 months old.  That’s normally a hard age to photograph as they can’t quite sit up yet and you aren’t guaranteed a smile.  But Emalyn […]

Aaron & Renee [Treasure Island family and beach photographer]

By now, you all probably feel like you know this couple.  I posted about their first session with me here, in which we captured Aaron’s new ability to stand.  Their second session with me the next year (found here) was truly amazing because Aaron was walking!  For the past couple of years Renee has asked […]

Siblings [Treasure Island children, family and beach photographer]

Back in November I met several families out at the beach for some mini sessions.  I already shared one of them with you, now I’d like to share the other three.  Great weather + awesome families makes for some great images!  Can’t believe I’ve waited this long to post these! The first folks to come […]

Moments | After school

This week we have had such amazing weather, and my kids have taken full advantage of it.  They have recently made friends with a couple of other boys that live on either side of us, and Sydney just learned how to ride her bike without training wheels, so every day they are outside after school […]

Moments | Reading

Just for fun, I am committing to try to take better and more pictures of my own kids on a regular basis.  I am guilty of not picking up my “good” camera for my own family…I’m just as happy to use my cell phone or point and shoot to capture moments in my own kids’ […]

Miss ‘A’ [Lakeland children photography]

I’d like you to meet Miss ‘A’.  She is in my son’s preschool class and I had the fun, fun chance to play with her during her own photo session a couple of weeks ago.  She is one of the cutest and most hilarious little girls I’ve ever met.  She always has a song or […]

Beautiful family [Lakeland family and children photography]

When I met up with this family in October, they warned me that little man ‘E’ had a mind of his own.   I did have to chase him a little bit, but he was just too cute for words and was so much fun to be around.  And his outfit…oh. my. goodness!  Such a handsome […]