Why family photo shoots are a MUST!

I recently had the honor of meeting this sweet family on my property in Bartow. Mom said she fell in love with the rustic charm we have here with our mossy oaks and hay rolls. And we lucked out with lots of dandelions to play with as well! These kids had so much fun chasing each other and interacting with mom and dad.

After their session I was reflecting on why it’s so important to prioritize scheduling family photo sessions at least once a year (and why good quality photography is worth every penny!) Now that my kids are teens, and one is about to be a senior, I absolutely cherish all the family photos I have of us over the years. And I don’t just cherish the digital copies of our portraits, I hold dear all the prints and canvases I have all over our house. If the images stay on your computer, they will be forgotten, and possibly lost eventually. That’s why most of my photo packages come with a print credit for physical products.

Here are some more thoughts on why capturing family photos at least once a year is so important.

  1. Time flies: Children grow up so quickly, and capturing family photos every year allows you to document their growth and development over time. Looking back on these photos in the future can be a wonderful way to remember special moments and milestones. This is so so true for me now that I have a 14 and 17 year old, when it seems like just yesterday they were still holding my hands to cross the street.
  2. Memories: Family photos help preserve memories of important events and experiences that you shared together as a family. They can serve as a reminder of happy times and bring back fond memories of loved ones who are no longer with us. I feel this so much since having lost my dad 10 years ago. Photos are all we have left of him, and they are our greatest treasure now!
  3. Bonding: Family photo sessions can be a fun and meaningful way to bring the family together and strengthen the bond between family members. It can be an opportunity to spend quality time together, make memories, and create a sense of togetherness. Some of my favorite sessions I’ve had were of families tickling each other, jumping in a fountain and splashing each other, going out on their boat together and taking me with them to capture every moment. I challenge you to think outside the box for your next session!
  4. Legacy: Family photos can be passed down through generations, serving as a way for future generations to connect with their roots and understand their family history. These photos can become treasured family heirlooms that hold a special place in the family’s legacy. THIS is where physical products become so important. You can’t “pass” down digital files from generation to generation. Get those photos off your hard drive!

I have a pretty robust A La Carte menu if you are the type that needs someone to help you every step of the way in designing an ordering photo products. But if you feel you can tackle it yourself, and are looking to save some money (who isn’t these days?!), I highly recommend www.mpix.com for high quality products. They use the same standard paper and ink as the pro-labs I use, so be sure to check out their online storefront.

family photo taken in the grass in Bartow FL
family photo taking under mossy oak in Bartow, FL
family photo taking under mossy oak in Bartow, FL
family photo taking under mossy oak in Bartow, FL
photos of children on hay roll and blowing a dandalion
family photo posed on a hay roll
children playing with dandalions
children chasing each other around the hay
children chasing each other around the hay
family photo in front of hay roll in Bartow, FL

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