Coming soon….

I have LOTS to share going into the 2008 holiday season.  There will be more details soon, but for now here are the highlights…. – new PRICES go into effect starting Sept 1, 2008.  I already updated the website so you can look there for more details.  I will honor the 2007 prices for all sessions […]


This next post is a little more dear to my heart than most.  This little girl belongs to a personal friend of mine from church.  I watched my dear friend go through several miscarriages before they decided to adopt a child from DCF.  They weren't sure what child God had for them…. boy or girl? […]

Go World

So is anyone else enjoying the Olympics as much as I am? I just love the Olympics.  Even sports I usually find boring are so exciting to watch on the Olympic stage.  Did anyone see the men's swimming relay last night?  Even though it was almost midnight, I was bouncing on the couch cheering "GO! […]

Red and Relaxed

I’m back from our weekend beach getaway.  My husband and I enjoyed a VERY relaxing time at St. Pete Beach for three glorious nights child-free.  Friday was pretty rainy all day, so we only went out on the beach for a couple of hours in the afternoon.  Did you know you could get sunburned even when […]