One of my favorite families! [Lakeland family & children photography]

You will probably recognize this family…one of my favorites! They are great friends of ours and I’ve been photographing them since they were newlyweds.  It was time for their annual family session, so we went somewhere new this time.  Oh – my – word, the light was a-mazing!  It was hot as blazes and we all just about melted, but the light was worth it. 🙂  Their too-cute-for-words little boy actually gave me smiles this year, and I just LOVED LOVED their outfit choices.


Every year we get a shot of the boy in Daddy’s police uniform, and every year they are my favorite images from the session.  How cute is he?!


And this year, they surprised me.  Mama asked if she could do “one more outfit change”….of course I said “Sure!”.  Then she pulls out this shirt for her boy and I had to do a double take on what it said.  Then I think I screamed or almost cried, or maybe both.  So happy that this family is growing!!







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